A Message From Our Partners

The beginning of a new year is always a time to reflect on what has been accomplished and establish new goals for the future. We sat down with our principals, Jim Riviello, Drew Romanic, and Dan McCauley, and had them look back at 2021’s triumphs and what they are most excited for in 2022.

Jim Riviello
Jim Riviello, AIA, LEED AP, CGP
Principal & Partner

As you reflect on 2021, what would you say is the firm’s biggest accomplishment? 

2021 was a tough year for everyone as we continued to adjust to limited time working together as a team in the office. I believe it is very important for A+E teams to collaborate in person, however we are definitely adjusting to our current reality. I also would like to note that through our marketing efforts, even with far less face time at events, we welcomed a number of new clients and have seen revenue growth over the previous year.

What is your outlook on 2022, both for the industry and TMAG?

My outlook remains optimistic.  We understand the cost and supply of materials and labor shortages will hold back the homebuilding industry from its potential, however we are seeing a strong interest from our clients to keep moving forward with projects.  

If you could visit any architectural landmark in the world, which would you go see?

I think I would like to go to Dubai and experience all the modern skyscrapers and other wonders that are possible today.  I assume the golf courses in Dubai are amazing also. Then I would go see the great pyramids and soak in those ancient alien spirits. 

Drew Romanic
Drew Romanic, AIA
Principal & Partner

Is there a moment in 2021 that sticks out to you? Any major moments of team collaborations, wins, lessons?

Getting multiple projects from a new client that has placed tremendous trust and confidence in our firm with their vision, as well as returning clients moving forward with projects that we have been involved in for years. We are very lucky and grateful to have a team of professionals, collaborating and committing their time to these clients and projects to make them what they have become.

What big shifts in the space do you predict happening in 2022 and beyond?

The migration to the suburbs and higher density living. People are in love with the idea of city living, but want and feel they need more space around them. The repositioning of suburban properties to include residential living is a robust and aggressive trend that allows a failing mall or neighborhood center to become vibrant and relevant once again. Martin Architectural has been privileged to be involved in many mall and retail site redevelopments and are now enjoying participating in this new vision, replacing a dark space with new vibrancy and energy.

What is your favorite architectural building and have you had an opportunity to visit?

This was difficult – but I select Farnsworth House by Ludwig Meis van der Rohe. I have not had an opportunity to visit. Maybe this year…

Dan McCauley
Dan McCauley, AIA, LEED AP
Principal & Partner

In 2021, what is the time you felt the proudest of the TMAG team? Teamwork, overcoming big challenges, wins, etc.

For me, looking back at all of the great accomplishments of 2021, besides the complete flexibility, tenacity, and resiliency TMAG has shown adapting to our changing circumstances from the pandemic, I felt proud of the TMAG success of projects underway in both the states of Connecticut and Florida.  Connecticut had been a focus for our team to provide multi-family services, and we have multiple projects under design and construction last year, thanks to consistency and perseverance. Florida, a state we had an office in for almost 40 years, continues to shine with new land studies, exceptional multi-family projects, and even civic centers. 

What are you most excited to see in 2022? Both in the industry and for Martin

I’m most excited for the industry to participate in the shifts occurring in the retail and multi-family sectors, primarily the revisioning of shopping centers and declining malls for modern uses.  Mixed use concepts have blurred recently and the challenges of the pandemic opened investors and developers to new ideas on how to use existing developed sites and allow creative teams, such as TMAG to maximize their use and reinvigorate traditionally one use sites.  As far as Martin, I am looking forward to the opening of Chevy Chase Lake in MD.  With three residential buildings, each with ground floor retail, and subterranean parking, the project has been “on the boards” and in construction for a combined 6 years.  It’s a massive $200 million dollar complex adjacent to a new Purple Line station.  This one is a flagship project- I truly cannot wait to see it completed.

What is one architectural landmark that you haven’t visited that you wish to see one day?

That’s easy- The Great Pyramid of Cheops!  Put your mind to these facts: The Great Pyramid, is the oldest and largest, constructed over 5000 years ago!  The building stands alone as the only remaining “Wonders of the ancient world”, all others have been destroyed over time.  The sharpness of the pyramid’s shape, and the simplified concept of a wide heavy base with a decrease in width to height has kept it resilient to massive earthquakes, wartime destruction, and simply gravity.  The fact that it exists as a monument to one man, one Pharoah, and to this day scientists and archeologists attempt to figure out how it was made, tops my list of landmarks to visit.


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