Whether working on smaller-scale residential and commercial projects or more complex master-planned, mixed-use communities, Martin always maintains our dedication to functional and innovative design. Our visually distinct, yet livable designs have garnered regional and national recognition due to their ability to respond to each site’s unique context. By considering how people will interact with the specific space, structure, and surroundings, we are able to create places that perform, as well as excite, and continue to enrich the community far into the future.

  • Conceptual land planning and building design
  • Entitlement presentations
  • Architectural illustrations and renderings
  • Construction documentation and specifications
  • Construction administration services
  • Green building practices, LEED, NGBS, Passive House, Energy Star
  • HUD financed project documentation and services
  • Tenant fit-out and coordination
  • Marketing materials for projects
  • Peer review, code review, design reviews


As architects, we can best serve you, our clients, by being involved in the initial stages of a development project. By working beside you during the preliminary land planning and entitlements phase, we can more easily study your goals, marketing research, and zoning requirements to define the potential quickly and accurately for your development. 

Our vast library of past projects and images, along with our depth of experience and current industry knowledge, help developers pursue their desired entitlements quickly and cost effectively. 


At Martin, we consider each site independently, addressing the practical concerns of schedules and budgets, while also acknowledging the importance of the betterment of the built, natural, and social environments. Our goal is to maximize the uses for a site relative to the opportunities and constraints that exist to provide future success. To accomplish this, we study the physical properties of the site, the zoning regulations, and the local market conditions. We pride ourselves in taking a more invested role in harmonizing environmental protection and land development objectives by offering our clients the option to explore sustainable solutions that engage their visions and respect their limitations. We aim to cultivate a sense of place and, ultimately, enhance quality of life.


Martin has teamed with Architectural Engineering: Structure to provide cost-effective structural design and system specification to both architects and builders. Services honed over 40 years of practice include light frame structural design, value engineering, shop drawing review, and building inspections of existing structures undergoing adaptive re-use and rehabilitation and new projects during and after construction.  The practice has been organized to lower the cost of construction for both residential and commercial structures by focusing on coordinated structural building systems and by exploring alternatives to the most common solutions, thus assuring that the right solution is documented and in place.

AE:S offers extensive knowledge and experience in a broad range of building types. Our ongoing mission is to meet each engineering challenge with an expert approach and to use the best available methods to provide functional and economically feasible solutions.  We constantly stay abreast of new materials and techniques and combine this with our years of engineering experience to provide sound, feasible solutions.